Do you love to see bold earrings, but cringe to wear them because you are afraid they don’t suit you perfectly?

Bold earrings sure make a statement. If you think they are meant to be worn by bold women, think again! Even if your like to go low profile you can wear them without feeling you are bringing too much attention on your side!

How to Wear Bold Earrings

Today I’ll give you some tips on how to use bold earrings. If you’ve avoided bold earrings, worried they make too much of a statement, maybe this post will make you rethink this. Even if you have short hair!

The size 

The size of your bold earrings is up to you.
However, in certain environments and situations where you don’t want them to distract, you may want to go soft bold.
A guideline to use them, in these cases, is to never go larger than your eye socket and they should hang less than where your jawbone angles. 

Suit your face shape

If you have an oval-shaped face, which is considered the most balanced face shape and which the majority of people have, you won’t have problems finding your earring’s shape.
For the rest of the people, this is the basic rule: to enhance the shape of your face choose earrings that mirror your face shape. To minimize your shape face, like soften a very angular face shape – softer, rounder earrings will bring balance.


Keep the distances

It is preferable to wear one bold item at a time, but if you want to wear more than one statement jewel, make sure to wear them far enough, so they can stand out for each one.
Avoid wearing your bold earrings and a statement necklace at the same time.
Your bold earrings will look wonderful with a cuff bracelet! Try matching with the same kind and/or color of metal and make sure to select items that coordinate.

Keep it simple

When using your bold earrings is better to wear them with simple clothes. Busy patterns and embellishments like sequins and ruffles are to avoid.
Try to stick to neutral and monochrome color cloth when wearing bright and detailed accessories.


Multiple earrings

If you have more than one hole in your ear, multiple earrings can look extremely charming if worn correctly.
Put little studs in the uppermost holes and your bold earrings in the bottom one, matching them wisely.

Now you are ready to use your bold earrings fearless.
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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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