More and more using what you wear strategically can be a tool, especially in the business world. 
No doubt knowing how to accessorize jewelry is an essential element for being successful.

Nowadays there are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available that provide you with countless styling options. The key is to uncover the secret of which items add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

How to Accessorize Jewelry

For you get it right each and every time, here are 5 Tips on Wow to Accessorize Jewelry:

1-  Each piece must add value to your outfit
Coco Chanel once said “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” great advice and still holds true. Over accessorizing and under accessorizing are common jewelry mistakes, so it would also be recommended to see if you need to add another piece of jewelry before you leave the house too.
Just because you have a sentimental affair with an item or it’s beautiful does not mean you should wear it every day (not to mention that it can get wear and tear faster) and is a serious professional doesn’t forbid you to have some fun with your jewelry. The rule is to make sure jewelry items aren’t competing for attention.

2- Every piece of jewelry should be proportional to your body frame and facial features
Trying to have success with your outfits doesn’t have to be a drama, the trick is to control where the ‘eye’ goes. The focus needs to be on ‘you’ and your outfit complements this goal. Wearing jewelry will support this objective, the master key is to play wisely with the size of each individual piece or the overall jewelry layout.

When someone is talking to you and their eyes are fixated on your jewelry and away from your eyes, probably that persons attention decrease of what you are saying.

For example, Necklaces – you don’t want to truncate or overpower your figure, have special attention to the length of your necklaces.
Earrings – once again, size matters use them proportional to your facial features, if you need help about this check this chart. Are you considering to wear statement earrings? Perhaps this article can clarify any doubts. Bracelets –  make sure the width does not visually shorten the length of your arm, wearing them to lose are also not recommended especially if you wear rings on the same arm.

3 – Each jewel must complement your skin tone as well as your outfit
Select jewelry that looks great with your outfit, but finding the one that enhances you too is very important. Choose the ones that illuminate your natural skin tone. Although silver metal the favorite for so many, overall, gold tones look best on most women.

4 – Choose appropriate with the occasion and outfit
For instance, on high-level administrative posts or other leadership jobs, crystal dazzle jewels, noisy jewels or dangling earrings (unless your hair is long and thick enough to prevent them from swinging), should be avoided, the shimmer, sound or movement will distract rather than attract your audience, and may be interpreted by some as a sign that you lack the seriousness required for the job.

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It’s important to be aware of your clothes details avoid overburden an area with jewelry, like wear a bold necklace on a blouse with crochet details. It’s always important to note the tone/vibe of your outfit and jewelry.
Use wisdom to choose the complement makeup, nail polish and nail art, false eyelashes, tattoos, glasses and colored contacts, hair extensions or weaves are unexpected items that can count as accessories.

5 – Jewelry items should be versatile
The all question on wearing jewelry is to add additional interest to an outfit. Having a great jewelry buy is when you can get a beautiful item and it also complements several of your outfits including other jewels you may have. Wearing “matchy-matchy” jewelry is considered a visual distraction whereby people pay attention solely to the jewelry and not you. Be creative and throw some unexpected, yet surprisingly additional value to your outfit by making new, fresh or exciting complements to your daily outfits.

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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