How to remove stuck rings? Have you ever had this kind of issue?
When trying a new ring in a jewelry store, picking that ring you have in your jewelry box for ages and no longer size you, or you are swollen for being pregnant!
Having a stuck ring is well common, for several reasons it may happen, so in this month’s post, I’ll share some tips on How to Remove Stuck Rings.

how to remove stuck rings

5 Tips to remove stuck rings

Pulling it out
It’s with this everyone starts, pulling it out, some people try to “unscrewing”, sometimes it works.
Normally I recommend, at the same time, pull the ring with the thumb and middle finger and with the index finger push the skin in the opposite direction, this will allow the ring to pass thru the finger joint since the skin won’t come together.

You can try the method above with some lubricant, some you can use:
Window cleaners
Hand lotion
Hair conditioner/shampoo
Soap and water
Baby Oil
Cooking butter and oils

Elevating the arm
Try this for a few minutes, by elevating the arm above shoulder level, the hand blood will go down and the finger will be less bloated, then try to pull the ring off

Put the ring hand in cold water for a few minutes, it will do the same as the method above, the hand loses blood circulation and the finger will deflate, then try to remove stuck rings.

Wrapping the finger
Many recommended dental floss, you can use any strip, I prefer something not so thin to prevent any injuries. You can use satin ribbon, wrapping tape, bootlace, etc. I’ve used satin thread, but prefer something flatter.
What you need to do:
Pass the tip of a thread down the ring
Wrap your finger
how to remove stuck rings
Pull the tip to unwrap it till the ring’s pulled off

Stubborn Rings
Try a mix of several methods given above to remove stuck rings:
Wrap the ring just under the ring for 30 minutes
Soak the hand in ice-cold water for 15 minutes
Keep it above the level of the heart
Take the tape off and gently spray window cleaner
Gently pull and twist to remove the ring in a circular direction


  • If you have severe pain, finger fractures, losing sensation in your finger, or other situations that require medical attention, DO NOT use the methods above and Go for professional help!
  • When using any of the above methods, never try to remove stuck rings forcefully. It may injure the finger or distort the ring shape making it harder to remove.

During the day our fingers swell and unswell quite often, thinking about this, normally, Suspiro rings are adjustable, see them here!

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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