Another holiday season is approaching and you are already thinking about gift shopping.
We all know that thing about How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift, we’ve all been there. This is considered the most wonderful time of the year, but we know it can be the most stressful time of the year also.

You can ask what people want, and luckily, they’ll tell you exactly what you can buy, but that takes all the surprise and romance.
You may have ideas of gifts for your mother, but what about your friends’ gifts? There are people you know exactly what to give, but there are others that you have been giving for such a long time that they seem not needing anything and you run out of options, right?

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

We give to show that we care for someone, so a good gift should be useful, surprising and good quality, and that doesn’t mean it should be expensive!
Knowing that it can be quite an impossible mission, here are some ideas to help you with the demand on How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift.

After deciding on your budget consider the following:

The recipient personality – Are they girly, casual, traditional, elegant, quirky, eccentric…

Type of gift – Do they like practical things they can use or would they appreciate something decorative?

Colors –
What is the favorite colors or what they wear the most

Accessories –
What kind of accessories do they use the most? Jewelry, fun prints, hair accessories, scarves, belts…

Their circumstances –
Maybe they have just moved to a new home/ new office that needs decorating. Or they have a stressful job and some relaxing products would help them face daily routine. There are lots of products that allow getting our day to day more efficient.

Hobbies or interests – For example, if they like gardening, what about a gardening toolkit. If they like makeup, why not give them self-makeup lessons. For a collector why not try to get that item, they are looking for for ages!?

Give a gift you can personalize – For example, a frame could hold a photo or poem; a photo album could be filled with photos from a recent event.

Be charitable –  So, you don’t really know well the person on your list, like on gift exchanges, or the person has everything he or she needs?
Go find something they’re passionate about, and then donate to that cause in their name. Did she volunteer in any charity association? Donate to the charity she worked with. Is she a dog lover? Donate to an animal rescue. There are hundreds of charities associations helping several causes. Make a donation-gift to a cause that matters for that person.

Make it fun! – A fun idea for the adults (and little ones) is a treasure hunt, yes that’s right!
During the hunt reveal progressively larger presents until the grand prize at the end! For this, you can hide all sorts of little gifts like pencils, hair clips or bath bombs for example. A mix of little presents that make a bigger at the end, of course with a thing they like, use or may need.

Note!If the gift is something they might continue to use in future, it should be affordable enough to buy again. Expensive products like perfumes or beauty products tend to get put aside waiting for special occasions.

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