As you know Pantone Institute, always announces the trend colors that will be used in the season, this trend is spread not only to fashion trends (clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, …) but also on decor trends.
You should already be familiar with the new palette

match Greenery perfectly

and the color for this year – Greenery.

How to match Greenery perfectly!?
Greenery is a joyful, vibrant color… I would even say audacious!
But if you think less confident people are intimidated to use it, think twice! This is a very versatile color and adapts to various styles.
And the best about colors, is the infinite possibilities of “play” with them.

Still have doubts?

Here’s a little help. The artist Erica Firm made a delightful combination of Greenery with other trend colors.
Who wants to try them?

How to match Greenery perfectly

In last case if the fear of risking is too much, try with white or black, will always be a winning!

match Greenery perfectly

Also try the metallic tones! Golden and Greenery look fabulous together. It’s me who says it 😉

Even wedding trends won’t escape, Greenery is everywhere.

Already surrendered or still have doubts.

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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