You are all dressed up for work and leave the best for last, your jewelry! But when you open your jewelry box you find that your precious ring is dull and tarnished! Of course, you can clean it with a polishing cloth, but How to Prevent Jewelry From Tarnishing?

In the first place, you should know why this happens!

What Exactly is Tarnish?

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that develops on many metals like as sterling silver, brass and copper.
Airborne pollutants, dust and moisture are the main causes for tarnished jewelry.
When jewelry gets tarnished the metal gain a dull unlit appearance, which can really reduce your jewelry beauty.

With this in mind, I hope these tips help you clear up your problem (literally)!

7 Tips on How to Prevent Jewelry From Tarnishing

How to Prevent Jewelry From Tarnishing

So hopefully you can make your jewelry live longer!

Put in Airtight Bags

Certainly, the simplest way to prevent jewelry from tarnishing and dulling is to put it in ziplock/airtight plastic bags!
To keep moisture free, store jewelry individually in sealed ziplock bags that are tightly closed so that air doesn’t get in.

How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

Add Chalk or Silica

Add chalk or silica to your jewelry box, in order to prevent jewelry from tarnishing. As also chalk and silica tend to absorb all the airborne substances that cause tarnish.
Every couple of months, change it for a new one, after all, it will need to dry the condensed moisture!

How to Prevent Your Jewelry From TarnishingHow Prevent Jewelry From Tarnishing

Quick Clean

After each wear, clean your jewelry gently with a soft cloth in order to remove makeup, skin oils and airborne dust, from your jewelry it will really help prevent tarnish from forming.

How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing
Avoid Sun Light

Always store your jewelry away from direct heat or sunlight because it may fade the color.
For this reason, try to store your jewelry in a protective box or wrap it in a soft cloth.

How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

Prevent Marks on Your Skin

To prevent black or green marks on your skin, the first thing to remember is to put two coats of clear nail polish on the inside of your jewelry or on contact areas that will touch your skin.
This doesn’t happen with all types of jewelry but is better to prevent…

Put Jewelry Last

Always put on your jewelry after you’ve applied your makeup, hairspray, lotions and perfumes since they contain chemicals that can be harmful to your jewelry.

How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

Take Off Jewelry

Be sure to take off all your jewelry while doing housework.
Cleaning agents can damage it, there are also chances that you might get it entangled somewhere.


How to Prevent Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

How to Remove Tarnish from Your Jewelry?

In an earlier post, I’ve shared with you some easy tips to clean tarnished jewelry, using some a few ingredients that you probably have at home you will make your jewelry shine again!

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