Are you one of those who suffers from earrings weight?

I have been selling jewelry for over 10 years, and I have met many women who suffer from their earrings weight.
Some of the consequences of wearing heavy earrings are:
– sore ears
– stretched earlobes
– split earlobes

This was one of the reasons I’ve decided to develop my brand, has a comfortable jewelry brand.
Made from weightless materials, Suspiro Jewels are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

You can always look for lightweight earrings, but I know sometimes you fall in love with some heavy ones, right?

I even know some Sweeties already had to go thru surgery to restore their earlobes!!!
Knowing this made me look for solutions.

You don’t have to suffer to highlight your beauty! Now you can wear heavy earrings without sore your earlobes.
2 tips to avoid earrings weight

Today I bring you 2 Tips to Avoid Earrings Weight!
No more stretched earlobes! Yeah!

Check tip to use with hook wires earrings, try to see if it works on stud earrings too!

If the tip above doesn’t work on stud earrings, try this one!

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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