New season, new trends! Let’s start with the Top 5 Fall Winter Trends!

The new season is just around the corner and it will celebrate the style individuality, so the trends for this season are multiple.

I gathered the 5 ones I think will be most successful!

Tailor’s Textile

Tweed and Checks will be high this season!
As warm fabrics, they are perfect for the cold season!
They come in the classic patterns, but the news lies in the new patterns and colors, much more joyful.
You’ll also find more sporty models and complete sets too.

Top 5 Fall Winter Trends - Tailor's Textile

Floral Patterns

Not surprisingly in the summer, this theme is always successful, for this cold season the difference is that they are presented with a darker background and soberer patterns, but you’ll also find in faint colors.
The patterns might resemble wallpaper from the 60s/70s.
You can use it as a total look or as details.

Top 5 Fall Winter Trends - Floral Patterns


This material never goes out of style, in this season jeans become the center of attention and the loose and high waist jeans models will be high.
You will find it in integral or semi-integral denim looks.

Top 5 Fall Winter Trends - Denim

Animal Print

If you were one who was missing the animal print, cheer up, because for this season it comes with new patterns, new colors and even with a metalized look!
You’ll find it in clothes, footwear and accessories.

Top 5 Fall Winter Trends - Animal Print


The color associated with energy and passion, red is the color for this fall/winter season.
If you like to go bolder, you can use it in integral looks. This color comes in various shades and blends perfectly with basically all colors.
The red boots will be a big hit this season, along with the white ones.
Did you saw how it blends so well with the other trends above?

Top 5 Fall Winter Trends - Red

From this Top 5 Fall Winter Trends, do you have a favorite one?

Let me know in the comments!

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