I made a pool for my follower where I asked which fashion style they have, and currently, most responses are going to Casual Style.

Basically what characterizes Casual Style is the union of classic and informal pieces.

Casual Style transmits a calm, relaxed, informal and spontaneous look, it is an easy to wear style and can be adapted to different occasions. Wearing it passes the image of an informal, modern, practical, receptive, dynamic woman.

But excessive casualty may give the impression of being poorly dressed and spoil the image you want to pass.

8 Tips to Create an Enticing Casual Style that will Give You Class

If you also love this style keep reading because below I have 8 tips to create a Casual Style that gives you class!

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of women with Casual Style.
The woman who grabbed the style as a living mode – she is a woman who wants comfort in her daily life and being casual it’s part of her personality, so to speak, and the woman that only uses it casually, when she wants to relax and get comfortable.
Either you are the first or second women here you’ll see that Casual Style works great for anyone who wants to dress up with ordinary pieces in any outfit without losing the charm!


I can’t live without them so, they are first on the list!

It is the casual piece most requested by women, as it works day-to-day, at work, with the family, and on more tidy occasions. There are several jeans styles so try to balance with the combinations you make with the tops, so you won’t look too clumsy. Raw jeans are always good fits for a polished look; mix it with social shirts, light blouses, sports or romantic t-shirts, knitwear… you name it!

Casual Look with class - Jeans


Colors & Patterns

Casual Style is known for the use of neutral and/or primary colors, that combine between each other and are easy to wear. Colors are an important tool when composing a look, not only give life to trends, they also reflect women’s feelings.
Here you work as you love, make a look with the same tones – pastels, vivids, dry… or make contrasts of tones – pastels with dry, dry with vivids… in doubt sober colors, preferably clear ones, make any look super stylish.

Casual Look with class - colors

Few patterns are used with this style and those are basically strips, chess, and florals; just one patterned piece should be used per look.

Casual Look with class - patterns


Blazers, Jackets & Vests

In Casual Style the use of a third piece makes wonders. Minimize the stripped visual and adds a stylish look.
You can be in skirts, shorts, jeans or tailoring, a blazer will make you even more elegant. It can be plain or patterned.

Jackets give a more modern look to any style. The sober colors, like black and brown, work well for a walk or on informal work style; the denim ones are a must have to revamp “bland” look.

Vests are great to cut the minimalism a casual look can bring.

Casual Look with class - blazers, jackets, vests

Shirts, Skirts & Dresses

Shirts and Skirts are great for creating looks for the day to day, to go to work and for any other occasion. Whether they are more social, or with fluid fabrics or made with jeans, they can be used in many outfits worn together or with other clothes.

Casual Look with class - shirts, skirts

If you want to make a look quickly nothing better than basic and loose dresses, these are perfect with a casual sneaker, mailbag and sunglasses. This look is great for relaxed day to day or weekends, however, depending on your work, if you want to be taken more seriously is better to upgrade it with accessories. A black dress is always a must-have!

Casual Look with style - dresses



This style is all about comfort so, sneakers, moccasins, sabrinas and all shallow heels are the most seen wearing.

Casual Look with class - shallow shoes

If you want to add some heels, choose classic medium heels like scarpins and espadrilles.

Casual Look with class - classic heels



Usually, are worn big bags with shoulder straps or backpacks to carry all and have hands free.

Casual Look with class - bags



Casual Style women usually don’t wear too many jewels at the same time but wear mostly earrings and rings as small details or to give the casual look more style. Some women also like to wear statement necklaces to give a boost to the look.

Casual Look with class - jewelry

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Glasses, scarves, belts or hats are usually worn mostly by fashionistas to complement the style and look great matching the shoes or bags. These are details that you can also implement in your look if you think yours is trivial.

Casual Look with class - accessories

Even though casual isn’t your style, you can see how easy is to use it!

So, whenever you want to go on a relaxed look you basically just need to get everything out of the closet and find out how many looks you can create with what you already have!

Before you go, please, tell me… Which items you don’t dispense to use?

Want more Casual Outfits ideas?

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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