February has already begun and many just think about Valentine’s Day, but I have heard a better version…

This is the month of the year, in which love is more thought about.
So, why stick to a single day, if we can celebrate throughout the month? Or even better thru the year!

Let’s celebrate LOVE!

There are several kinds of Love which can be celebrated in various ways…

When you hear about love, how often do you think about love for others?
And how many times do you think of love for yourself?

The famous question “If I don’t like me, who will?”, fits perfectly in this month and throughout the year too.

This made me think that, when I created Suspiro Jewels, I initially haven’t thought that I would help to improve women’s self-esteem and confidence. Thru the years I’ve become aware of how important my work can be. A simple and powerful way to celebrate love. But I want to help you not only with my jewels...

I have two more questions for you:

When was the last time you were with yourself?
When was the last time you pamper yourself?

Right!… This month we will celebrate various kinds of love and we will start with Love for YOU!

I decided to make a list of 25 things you can do for yourself, to pamper and spend time with YOU.

#1 Take the afternoon off for you, grab that book you’ve been wanting to start, head to your favorite park, and spend several hours reading it

Read in the Park [25 Things You Can do For Yourself + 40 Love Notes]

#2 Buy the prettiest flowers and make yourself a bouquet to admire all week

#3 Sign up for that class you’ve been wanting to take

#4 Get a professional massage, makeup, haircut, manicure, pedicure… or go for the full package

#5 Go to the local ice cream store and treat yourself with an ice cream

#6 Buy that piece of artwork you’ve been watching for months

#7 Take a long and slow bubble bath

#8 Buy a bag of your favorite candy and spread it thru the month

#9 Turn up your favorite song and dance around the house

25 Things You Can do For Yourself + 40 Love Notes

#10 Buy that cloth, jewel, shoes, makeup… you value the most

#11 Book a night at a hotel. Take a bubble bath, order room service, and watch a movie

#12 Make a donation, to a cause you love and that will make you really happy

#13 Walk someplace where you’ll have a great view of the sunset. Bring a blanket and watch the day turn into night

#14 Go to a bakery and get your favorite cake

#15 Visit that museum exhibit you’ve been wanting for

#16 Leave Love Notes, strategically placed, for you to remember how much you care for you

Love Notes [25 Things You Can do For Yourself + 40 Love Notes]

#17 Get a single ticket to the cinema, opera, ballet, symphony, concert…

#18 Order your favorite food and have a break on cooking

#19 Buy a new book, from a new subject you want to learn about

#20 Sleep till late or take a nap

#21 Book a photo session

#21 Photo Session [25 Things You Can do For Yourself + 40 Love Notes]

#22 Make a picknick at the beach

#23 Go workout in a new place

#24 Wear a fancy outfit on a regular day

#25 Analyze your routines and break the ones that no longer make sense to you

Pro Tip! – Contract someone to clean the house or iron for a week, and enjoy that free time to do, at least, one of the activities above! You are forbidden to use that free time for other things!

PS – Repeat throughout the year whenever necessary ^_^

Now you have the list, let me know in the comments what will be the first thing you’ll do for yourself?

40 Love Notes - Free Printable

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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