Are you one of those people who only think about Valentine’s Day?

Have plans to buy a nice gift for the day, say how much you love your other half and go to dinner at a restaurant that has the favorite dish of your love… and then the next day comes with the same old same the routine!

First to know, live love every day and every month! Your companion wants demonstrations of care and love, not only on Valentine’s day but through the years.

Of course, you can continue to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Or even have a really special day just for you two, one that no one else celebrates. The day your relationship began, the day you two met, or even the day when something really special happened to you and should be celebrated between you.

I mentioned that love should be lived every day, and as live passes it is so easy to get monotonous, sometimes to break the monotony you just need to ask!
I have prepared a free printable Love Coupon Book that you can download and print. Use it to ask a breakfast in bed or a foot massage… why not offer the full Love Coupon Book to your loved one?

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As you know, love is so much about giving. The more you give the more you receive. I have more…

12 Simple Love Proofs to Show Your Care Thru the Year

Don’t feel overwhelmed already. I thought it would be better to spread it through the year.

January: New year brings new projects, give courage to the personal and professional projects your loved will have.
Establish also some common projects for which both will work and support during the year.

February: Make better use of the time you are together, celebrate love thru all month. If anything happens and you can’t be together on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be so sad because you will have more days to celebrate love. Remember to praise and thank you more.

12 Simple Love Proofs to Show Your Care Thru the Year

March: It’s early spring, the temperature gets more pleasant and the hearts feel warmer, demonstrate more love. Enjoy that it gets dark later, and take a walk together by the river or in the park, more often.

Is he a father?* Let him know you are proud and say what you admire most about him as a father. Make arrangements to go to his/her parents’ house. Thank your father in law for taking care of your loved one when was needed.

April: Play more! Yes, let your inner child flow, laugh more, sit on the floor, do creative things, make new memories together, ones you can laugh from each other even when you aren’t close.

May: Sunny days can be so inspiring, demonstrate more love, leave Love Notes in unlikely places.

Is she a mother?** Let her know you are proud and say what you admire most about her as a mother. Make arrangements to go to her/his mother’s house. Thank your mother in law for taking care of your loved one when needed it.

June: Make a surprise just because you want to. Schedule a meeting in the park and make a surprise picnic dinner.
Or, buy a simple gift but one you know you’re going to get it right, tell how much you love your partner and go have dinner.

July: Enjoy the warmer weather to date more times away from home.

August: Time to take vacations, date a lot, walk hand in hand. Recharge batteries and create unforgettable memories.

12 Simple Love Proofs to Show Your Care Thru the Year

September: Learn a new skill together, practice a hobby, go to a course, attend lectures…

October: Plan separated friends dates, go to meet your friends, your half meets theirs. Plan also a date with your mutual friends, it’s great to strength bounds.

November: If you are working hard, and overwhelmed, ask for patience if you mix work with love life. Say sorry if you do not respond quickly to your lover’s messages.

December: Celebrate another year together, say thank you, celebrate the achievements. And analyze what you can improve together.

12 Simple Love Proofs to Show Your Care Thru the Year

January: Time to make new plans together!

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Notes: In Portugal *Father’s Day is celebrated in March and **Mother’s Day in May, change this info for your convenience.

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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