In this post, I talked about perfumes, and I shared what you need to know when buying a perfume so that it suits you and have a good performance.

Much remains to be said, perfumes are like jewels and clothes… a complement that leaves memories.
And for these memories to be positive you should know the right way on how and where use perfume, so it performs exceptionally well.

How to Apply Perfume and Make it Memorable

How to Apply Perfume and Make it Memorable - A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed

Where and When Will You Use It?

Do you like Parfum or Eau the Parfum (concentrated perfumes)? Just apply it in some areas of the body and it will last a long time.
If you like Eau Fraîche or Eau de Cologne (less concentrated perfumes), you can abuse, because it won’t be so strong, and will have a fresh effect.

Do you want it to last all day? You can use a more concentrated one.
If you are going to be in different situations and want to change the fragrance, opt for short duration perfumes, so when changing you’ll not mix aromas.

To learn more about perfumes degrees of concentration and durability on the skin read this article.
And be sure to read this post to know what you can do to prolong your perfume life after opening.

For example, in low temperatures or high altitudes, you can use a more remarkable fragrance because the olfactory perception decreases. With hot temperatures and low heights, it is better to use fresh perfumes to avoid getting sick. In this case, is good to also use a good deodorant, so the smell of perspiration doesn’t alter the olfactory perception of the perfume.

Where to Apply?

The way you apply perfume can interfere with its durability and its effect, so the best areas of the body to apply the perfume are:
Neck – Temples – Nape – Wrists – Behind the Ear – Elbow and Knee folds, this last one is especially wonderful for those who like to wear skirts or shorts.
These areas are slightly warmer due to greater blood circulation, and this causes the perfume to evaporate gently, little by little.

If you will use a more intense perfume, apply in three points max, so it doesn’t get too strong.

How to Apply Perfume and Make it Memorable - Best body areas to apply

How to Apply?

Hydrate the skin before use to maximize its potential. Use a moisturizer of less intense scent, if it’s from the same scent of the perfume, better.
More information about perfumes versus skin types here.

Spray at a distance of about 30 cm. Spray at most 2 times. If it’s too concentrated you can spray into the air and enter the “cloud” of perfume.

Put the perfume first and let it dry, only then put on your clothes and jewelry, so it won’t stain or damage them and to prevent clothes to take off the perfume.

How to Prolong the Perfume Effect?

Spray the fragrance out of the shower. The moisture that will remain on the skin after bathing, even drying the body with the towel, causes the body to intensify the scent of the perfume, in addition to increasing its durability in the body.

To perfume your hair, spray it on your brush/comb and then pass through the hair, it will get a soft perfume.

You can apply directly to the inside of your clothes, especially coats and jackets. This makes the fragrances unveil while getting around, as it helps the perfume last longer. Be careful to don’t stain clothes.

Pro Tip – If you are faithful to perfume, you can maximize its aroma by line your drawers with silk or satin and give a few sprinkles of perfume on the bottom of it.

3 Common Mistakes

Scrubbing the scented areas makes the scent leave even faster. It will destroy the base notes, which are the fundamental notes to make the perfume last longer. In addition, it will mix the perfume with the oils present on the skin.

Applying perfume just before you leave the house. Besides having the risk of staining clothes and jewels, it will evaporate faster because it won’t have time to dry.

Overspray. If you don’t want to smell like a fragrance factory, wipe the over-saturated areas with a baby wipe.

Make a Memory Endure

This is a pro tip! When having a special occasion, event or vacations, buy perfume and use it only for those days. Every time you smell that aroma our brain will “fly” away to that special moment in your life!

Make memories endure with a perfume and make them memorable

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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