Gaiety is the new collection by Suspiro Jewels.
Let me unveil a little of what is coming.

Nature is a great source of inspiration for most of the collections I create, and this is no exception.
The inspiration came from this photo, from my last vacations, a photo resulting from an unexpected moment, when my son stepped forward to “spoil” the pic, which turned out to be one of my favorite photos from this vacation.

Inspiring, because it helped me to kick start the collection with the theme “feathers” and also by the symbolism that I attributed to it, the unexpected moments of life and also the meaning that the fallen feathers have for me – rebirth.

And it is in this junction of meanings that the motto of the collection “Praise Life” arises because life will always bring us, more or less cheerful, unforeseen events. We only have to “reborn” from each one, praising it!

Gaiety means joy, contentment, fun – another way to Praise Life! Nothing better than praising with pops of color. After all, life needs color, right!?
They are pink, green and blue flowers that bring the joy of color to the collection, rustic look flowers with pastels hues that give a casual-chic style and skim a bohemian look!

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All the jewels are handcrafted with attention to detail and without resorting to molds, so you will find differences between pieces so that they are truly unique as you are!
Is there anything better than showing your individuality with the right accessories?

See Gaiety collection launch video HERE

Gaiety collection – For the woman who wants to Praise Life

Andreia Ferreira

Written by: Andreia Ferreira @suspirojewels
Art lover and self-thought jewelry designer, my superpower is to make women smile… and sigh!
Hi! I’m Andreia and I make your jewels!
I believe that your individuality is part of the beauty you bring to the world and that a woman can express her personality without words and make a stand without fuss.

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