When seasons get warmer the pastel clothing tends to show almost every year to give that pale and soft look.
But why stick to Spring/Summer seasons when you can wear pastels all year?
Either in soft looks or colorful personality showing, pastels are great for those who want to show their style with unique assets.

You don’t need to be a fashionista to wear pastels gracefully. You can wear it everywhere, in your office, weekends, dates, parties and vacations. No matter the season, you can show your personality perfectly with pastel colors. You can make it look casual, elegant, bohemian, sporty or what fits better with you.

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To guide you better you can follow the following list.

How to Perfectly Wear Pastels with Personality - 7 Pastel Palettes to Try

7 Pastel Palettes to Try

Pastels and Neutrals

When the look is simple, capture attention with pastels and give it a sweet appeal. In summer think on a white outfit with pastel jewelry or with a pale pink coat in the fall.

How to Perfectly Wear Pastels with Personality - neutrals

Pastels Monochrome

It elongates your figure and brings the focus to your face and exposed limbs when worn in the same color from top to bottom.

Pastels Mix

Want a candy-like bold creation? Wear two different pastel colors together, or mix a single colored outfit with another color in pastel jewelry and accessories. The look can be incredibly lovely to see.

Pastels with Brights

Make the sweet look go bold! With a pastel necklace and a bold shirt, or a fuchsia jacket popping over a light mint dress you get a statement look.

How to Perfectly Wear Pastels with Personality - brights

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Pastels and Denim

Denim is in most wardrobes… Two lovely ideas to wear pastel colors with denim are to pair your jeans with a pastel shirt or a pastel dress under a denim jacket.

Pastels with Prints and Textures

Lacy skirts, ruffled shorts, and such other pieces are wonderful to mix with pastels.
Lighter or bolder hues are also used with prints and look amazing when worn together.

Pastels with Darks

Add pops of color! Either paired with the same color range or opposite colors, pastels will pop out! Like green pastel earrings and emerald color shirt, or a yellow pastel blouse popping under a deep blue jacket.

How to Perfectly Wear Pastels with Personality - darks

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