A pair of earrings can be great to complement your features and outfit.
But as you choose, keep in mind that not every model suits every woman.

You may want to check if the earring’s model fits your face shape or looks nice on your skin color, these are simple tricks to keep in mind when you buy earrings, so you can choose the models that better fit you and helps you make the desired impression.

In this post, you’ll see types of earrings suggestions to use on several occasions.

Day at the office

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - day office

Although some jobs have clothing restrictions, there is always jewelry that you can use to add that key detail. When in doubt about the most appropriate earring type, opt for studs. Generally, studs are best for office settings. Whether you work for a corporation or are attending a business meeting, studs are a safe bet because they are nonintrusive and conservative. Still, you can opt for simple and elegant dangle ones and still kept tuned for the job.

Vacations Mode 

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - vacation mode

Planning your vacations can be funny and stressful but when you are there you deserve to enjoy it and have no worries.
I have chosen 3 joyful and lightweight earrings!

Consider leaving at home jewelry that:

– Is too expensive – draws the attention of thieves
– You have a sentimental connection – if you lose or spoil it, it can ruin your wonderful vacations
– Can easily be damaged – you really want to be worried all the time? Enjoy your vacations
– Isn’t covered by insurance – this is a big NO
– Is uncomfortable – is time to relax and be comfortable, no more to say

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Romantic Dinner

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - romantic dinner

At this special moment, you want to keep eye contact for as long as possible.

Choose earrings that add something special to your semblance, but not too much dazzle, to keep distractions away!

Weekend Mode

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - weekend mode

Ready for the weekend?
Choose earrings that match your style, your mood and are comfortable! It’s time to relax from the week and remember to have time with yourself!

Wedding Party 

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - wedding party

Time to dazzle in an elegant way!
Remember that attention needs to go to the marrying couple! Even dough these earrings can go for you as a guest or as the bride.
Be gentle with yourself, like shoes, the jewelry should also be comfortable! 

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Family Meetings

The best 3 earrings for any occasion - family meetings

Time to make memories and have fun and show your new earrings!
Choose earrings that match the occasion and your mood!
Enjoy these family moments, they are worth gold!

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3 earrings that every woman should have

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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