In previous posts, I shared with you tips on how to Choose Perfumes that Guarantees Praise and How to Apply Perfume and Make it Memorable.
Now, do you want to know how your favorite perfume can have a long smelling life?
In this blog post, I share How to Make Perfume Last Longer, they are 5 Tips to Care of Your Perfume, simple to learn and apply!

How to Make Perfume Last Longer - 5 tips to care of your perfume #perfumetips #fashiontips #perfumecare #perfumebottle #vanitytips

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Keep it in the Box

The original perfume box will keep the perfume safe from direct light and humidity, preventing oxidization.
Also, don’t transfer your perfume to a new bottle, it will be exposed to air that can harm the fragrance.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer - keep it in the box #perfumetips #fashiontips #perfumecare #perfumebottle #vanitytips #perfumebox

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Keep it Out of the Light and Heat

Perfumes oxidize with time, so its end time is, on average, three years. You can keep it longer if you preserve it from light, heat and direct sun, otherwise, it may last well less than the average end time.

Put it in the Fridge

It will keep the perfume life for longer since the alcohol won’t evaporate and it will keep its properties and fragrance. On hot days this is perfect for you to feel more refreshed.
You can also use the fridge to store your winter perfumes in the summer and the summer fragrances in the winter.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer - Put it in the fridge #perfumetips #fashiontips #perfumecare #perfumebottle #vanitytips

Check the Perfume

It is very important to be aware of the perfume is not getting oily, sticky or shining as this may be a sign that it is overdue.
Also, check if the bottle is always closed. The cap off or open bottle exposes the fragrance to the air, which can oxidize and create disturbing off-odors.

Don’t Keep it on the Bathroom

The bathroom is the room in the house with more humidity; it will compromise your perfume.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer - don't put it on the bathroom #perfumetips #fashiontips #perfumecare #perfumebottle #vanitytips

Extra Tip

Clean the bottle twice a year with a dry cloth or lightly moistened in alcohol to avoid mold, moisture and dust. Also, clean the rest of the liquid that is trapped in the lid to avoid oxidation of the material and preserve the bottle intact for longer.

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak #perfumequotes #inpiringsquotes#perfumetips #fashiontips #perfumecare #perfumebottle #vanitytips

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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