Vacations come and with it also comes serenity, calm, patience… and everything seems to flow better!

Did you know that some women don’t enjoy their vacations fully since they keep the feeling that “this good life will end”?
Does the same happen to you?
Vacation’s ending and the return to “normal” life doesn’t have to be painful, in fact, it should and must be a time of reconnection with yourself.
After all, you own your own happiness, don’t wait for the perfect moment to be happy, start now!

7 Ways to Be Happier and Live Your Life Fully

Evaluate Your Life and Turn Your Shoulds into Musts

Start by analyzing your life, check what aspects you are unhappy with. Are your relationships (with a lover, kids, friends…), your body, your work, your lifestyle, your house…?
Check-in each category what makes you unhappy and see what you need to improve or change.
Think about one thing you are always saying you should do and start doing it today!

I started thinking about getting healthier, and pretty soon I started to grow my own veggies garden on the porch, exercising, drink more water and eat healthier. But, I had to reel myself back in and focus on one actual change because I started to fail with somethings and got disappointed!

So, don’t make my mistake on trying to change everything all at once, for long-term success change/implement one habit at a time. As soon as the first thing is part of your routine start another. You’ll feel much more accomplished and more likely to set and reach other goals.

Be Always Learning

When you learn something new, it makes you feel accomplished and successful and therefore happier.
I love learning! Be open to learning a new thing every day, and put in practice at least one thing every week.
Be open to listen and learn from others and remember to learn with you too!
Start learning to ask the right questions! Like instead of “why doesn’t this work?” ask “how can I make this work and enjoy the process?”

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Be Grateful Every Day and Complain Less

This goes with every aspect/category of your life!
At night, identify three things that made you happy today that you’re grateful for! Doing this reduces anxiety, increases happiness, and set the tone for a great day tomorrow.

Since I started making videos on Suspiro FB Group I began to notice that, although subtly, I was always complaining about something! I know that I’m not a super optimistic person, and I started to notice a pattern that I didn’t like, so I’ve been working on that.
Although I’m in the beginning, I’ll keep the focus because I don’t want my kid to see me always complaining, so I’m learning to see the bright side and to thank for the opportunities.
– The other day I felt annoyed because I was late for my workout but when I was returning I saw a cute little rabbit I wouldn’t see otherwise, it made my day!
– The kid drops and breaks something, that’s a great opportunity to teach him to clean and how he can prevent future drops…

This will be a job under constructing! But if you make the decision today, to complain less and be more grateful you’ll be happier instantly more often.

Spend Time with People who Build You Up

When we find ourselves surrounded by people who are negative, critical, and hurtful, it steals our happiness, our joy, and our dreams. We turn into themselves without noticing.
When we intentionally choose to spend time with those who are supportive, positive, and encouraging, we acquire a positive mindset and are happier.
And, if you are that negative person even with positive people surrounding you, consider knowing new people who build you up. It is totally different being with positive passive people and positive active people.
And always remember to spend time with you too!

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Be Yourself and Talk Nicely to Yourself

Grant yourself to be the person you were born to be and not the person others expected you to be. And always treat and speak to and about yourself the same way you would talk to and about your dearest friend. Doing this is very important to be happy every day.

Practice Smiling

I love to smile, I love to pass by serious people and greet them with a smile and watch them change their faces into a smile, sometimes bigger than mine. It’s my little superpower and it makes me very happy!

Lately, I’ve been trying the laugh therapy too, how can you be in a bad mood when you are laughing, right?
Making this you’ll change your mindset and be more open to new ideas and solutions because you’ll be focused on other things.

The power of a genuine smile, not only makes you happy, but it makes those around you happier as well.

7 Ways to Be Happier and Live Your Life Fully

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Give Yourself Happy Surprises

Do you love to receive Love Notes?
I usually bring with me Love Notes that I intentionally leave for someone to find in books, benches, mirrors… so I thought to start leaving one or other Love Note to praise myself too.

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What about when you find money in your pocket or wallet you forgot about it? That makes you happy, right?
Try to leave yourself little surprises (money, sweets, pictures you love, draws of your children, Love Notes…) in clothing pockets or purses you’ll wear next season, or your travel bags, for instance.
With time passing by, it’s not difficult to forget it, so when you find them, you’ll have instant happiness!

Remember to make the decision to be happier! But, for this to work you need to turn your shoulds into musts, remember that!
Only telling yourself, you will be happier won’t work, you have to take actions that will actually make you happier.

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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