This post was just to introduce the new Suspiro Jewels logo and website makeover, but I ended up addressing something more personal and couldn’t be otherwise after all the brand was created and is managed by a person, and the brand is quite an extension of me.
It’s difficult to make a banaler text when it comes to life and life is not banal.

Changes are happening, and they didn’t happen before because they didn’t have to happen, just like this!
I wasn’t prepared, I was stalling without knowing why but, one thing I have learned from my son is that it isn’t worth forcing the change.
When your brand is part of your essence, it’s not worth it to grow the brand if you’re not ready to grow, because it won’t work.
You will change and grow when you are ready, the important thing is to change the way you look at things and things will change naturally.

These have been years of learning and many mistakes were made, and more mistakes and more learning will be made in the future and that’s ok!
It has been a while since I’m wanting to implement changes at Suspiro, but before making changes on the brand, I needed to be willing to change too, because the truth is that if you don’t change, you won’t grow!

As the years go by the knowledge has been increasing and the objectives also, so in this little life of Suspiro Jewels, the site has undergone several updates always according to the stage where the brand has been. Now, the time has come to change the logo of Suspiro also, since I no longer identify with it.
Suspiro has grown and the values I want the brand to convey also did, this new logo is the mark of a new stage.
More changes will come, and as I learned, I will give time to time without forcing it.

Today I have a tip for you; whenever you are growing in some way, hold evidence of what you were before. Not to think about the past but to celebrate your growth!

I leave here my proof, with the before and after of Suspiro Jewels logo.

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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