Beautiful things take time!
This is the case with the new Suspiro earrings, sometimes I have to pause to rethink the old models and create new ones.

Arrived at Suspiro’s shop 9 simple earrings for you to know

Some are a remake of old collections, others are new, a result of sketches that have been around here for a long time.

I’ll start presenting you with the brass earrings. Simple designs and full of elegance.

LUST earrings

Lust earrings exude glamor in a very simple and exquisite way. Its asymmetrical design makes the look more fun and modern. Perfect for festive looks as to for a more laid-back look.
Available in 7 crystal colors that will pair with the black base crystals.

BLOB earrings

Blob earrings are a wonderful graphic jewel that bring a sense of relaxation with a bit of glam.
Available in 8 crystal colors.

DUBLIN earrings

Let’s make a cut with the crystal earrings to present you the Dublin earrings.
They are simple, modern and its texture captures the light around to illuminate your face.

BERLIN earrings

I told you that the new earrings were simple and elegant Berlin earrings keep the trend.
As all Suspiro jewels, they are lightweight as well. Wonderful to give as a present to your mother, best friend and for yourself as well.
Available in 8 crystal colors, for you to choose!

MYRIAD earrings

Myriad earrings have the ability to make you look stylish without presumption, they are so simple and its crystal makes a wonderful standout.
Available in 7 crystal colors!

LONDON earrings

I’m so happy to bring you the London earrings, they are so uniquely simple. They add a sophisticated look to your style whether you are a casual, romantic, or classic style woman.

ARDOR earrings

Inspired by old balconies wrought ironwork the Ardor earrings bring the love and passion feelings to your style in a big simple way. Although big they give a modern and bold highlight in a very subtle way.

GRACE earrings

For last I’ll present the polymer clay earrings.
Starting with Grace earrings wich inspiration was the butterfly’s wings, the crystals give them an exquisitely elegant and stylish look.
Available in red and pink tones.

TRIAD earrings

Triad earrings are simple earrings that will add a graphic movement to your daily look. Inspired by the lines in music scores they are an easy accent to your style.

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3 earrings that every woman should have
Andreia Ferreira

Written by: Andreia Ferreira @suspirojewels
Art lover and self-thought jewelry designer, my superpower is to make women smile… and sigh!
Hi! I’m Andreia and I make your jewels!
I believe that your individuality is part of the beauty you bring to the world and that a woman can express her personality without words and make a stand without fuss.

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