Can it really be? It’s already Suspiro Jewels 7th Anniversary!?
7 years!!! Suspiro started at my old apartment’s sunroom!

After closing the author’s shop, I had at the time that stole many of my baby’s first moments, go working for someone else was no longer in my plans. I wanted to follow my son’s growth closely so I decided to work at home.

Must confess that initially when I created Suspiro I did it with not much strategy and objectives.
I did it to free my imagination, with my wiling to create beautiful lightweight jewels.
It was the pure joy of craftmanship and not many goals than making money from it.
Why not, right? After all, we all have bills to pay.

But the more I created and learned, the more passionate I became. Over the years this project became something much bigger, inspiring and impactful. I must also say, of great responsibility. I discovered the power of jewelry in a woman’s life and thereby also discovered my purpose.

It is with great responsibility, commitment and love that I help women show their personality with unique jewelry.

I created the motto by which I have ruled and want you to always remember that Your individuality is part of the beauty you bring to the world!

That’s it! Believe it, you really bring beauty to the world with your individuality, something no one else has like you.

And was after I learned that, that I saw Suspiro with other eyes, Suspiro has grown more in the last 3 years than the previous 4, but like anything in life, mistakes shouldn’t be seen as errors but as learnings, and I truly love to learn.

Suspiro’s birthday is not mine, it’s ours! Because you are the ones that give me the strength and inspiration to continue with this project and I hope to continue to be trusted.

Let’s make another 7!!!

Let’s celebrate! How?
7th Anniversary SALE
Exclusive jewel launched for this special date

Gold Hoops Brooch
Check Blob brooch on video HERE

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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