andreia ferreira

I’m an art lover and self-thought jewelry designer and my superpower is to make women smile… and sigh!

Hi! I’m Andreia and I make your jewels!

I believe that your individuality is part of the beauty you bring to the world and that a woman can express her personality without words and make a stand without fuss.

My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.
I love colors, textures, sounds.
Love the smell of wetland and cuted grass.
To walk and work bare feet!

The presence of nature and music is important in my life and you’ll find it represented in my jewels.


I began this blog with the initial idea of not only sharing Suspiro news but also jewelry tips, women’s fashion, self-care ideas and many more suggestions that can help you show off your individuality.
But I’m just one person, don’t know everything and I know that you as a person have several interests.
So, to bring you the best content I’m guesting other authors to share their knowledge with you!

I hope you like the blog content as much as you like my jewels!

Your knowledge matters!
You can also contribute to the growth of this blog.
Let’s talk