This is the time of year when we are, one way or another, driven to think about shopping. For some of us, therefore, agony begins and for others moments of joy. For both, I believe buying online has immense benefits. I’ve chosen 5 Golden Online Shopping Benefits for a Happy Season to share with you. Let’s go?


We buy from anywhere that has a connection to the internet

Do you remember dragging from store to store by your mother’s hand!? Even if it was raining, getting cold, we had to buy Christmas gifts, and the budget had to be respected. So we went in and out from store to store until we found THOSE.
Bah!!! Good thing there is the internet, and kids can play happily at the coffee table in the living room, while on the couch and with our mobile phone we can do our shopping. Oh! And how good feels our blanket on our legs and our delicious cup of coffee!

5 Golden Online Shopping Benefits for a Happy Season

We shop anytime, even when the street and malls stores have been closed for hours. Even if it is Sunday or Holiday

With the internet, we can even on sleepless nights use this excuse to shop. Online stores are open 24/24 hours. And we are the ones who dictate our schedule; .not the other way around.
Of course, you already saw or even participate, those long lines at Black
Friday. Some go to the store door even before sunrise, take a sleeping bag and overnight in the open. If we can enjoy the good side of the internet, will we choose the opposite!?!? No, no, no.


We buy without the store maid walking behind us and asking us five hundred times if she help us

Not only do we haven’t this hassle with online shopping, but we are the ones who dictate the soundtrack of our shopping trip, the volume of the song, and the number of people we bring along.
Have you noticed the music repertoire of each store? Well, there are some shopkeepers that must think that we are deaf, or that we need loud music with bells to wake up. Not to mention the noisy interference, in shops full of talking people. We could also add the elbows and bruises that we take this time when we go to a mall.
Wow, what a relief, we can put the kids to bed, sit at the living room table, open the computer, and relax while looking for that gift, in tranquility and with all harmony. With the sound of the music we love so much, the one we play this time of year: with smiles and full hearts.


We buy at our rhythm: today one item, tomorrow the rest

No hurry, no pressure, we can fit our shopping trips between one task and another of our day. It doesn’t have to be all at once, we can go shopping. Why? Because we have everything available at a click. We know we will find what we want. A good search and there is the ideal gift.
Even the most boring moments, such as waiting in the doctor’s office, can serve to find that gift, order it and soon have it in our house. And this, without leaving the lounge chair, making the most of our precious time.

5 Golden Online Shopping Benefits for a Happy Season

We compare “stores” without leaving the same place

We all like to be certain that our purchase is the best purchase, right?
And for all of us, time is precious, right? So, comparing products on the internet is perfect. We save time and we can put window by window stores in comparison, as many as we want. Comparing has never been easier. Moreover, we can in many stores, have access to other customer recommendations, which helps us realize if it’s really that article we want.

Tell me now what benefits you find in online shopping.
Do you usually buy online?
If you don’t, I encourage you to try it and enjoy all these advantages.

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Written by: Filipa Oliveira
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