Christmas is near and many women are already thinking about the decorations.
This is a time of excitement and I want to help you to make good memories through this season, I bring you special suggestions so you can bring joy to your home this season.

I leave you with 5 Adorable Christmas Decor Ideas that Grab Smiles.

Christmas Tree

Do you prefer traditional or modern ones?
On Suspiro’s Pinterest Christmas Board you’ll find many ideas for Christmas Trees take look!
I just found this and loved the concept! If you like it too, you can make a big one for the Christmas tree place and a small one for the front door! Perfect match!

5 Adorable Christmas Decor Ideas that Grab Smiles - christmas tree
Found on Pinterest

Christmas Tree Decor

For a simple look, choose from a maximum of 2 colors that match well. And don’t overdo the props, get more harmonious and save time!

I’ve just bought some of these wooden tags for my tree! There are plenty of themes and models to choose from! Can’t wait to put them on my tree!

Festive Napkins

Will you join the whole family at your house for the big night?
Be creative with your table presentation, use the origami technique to decorate the table using napkins in the color of the Christmas decor to give that glamour!

5 Adorable Christmas Decor Ideas that Grab Smiles
Find this and other designs HERE

Place Cards

Still talking about table decor, if your family is quite big or if you want all the glamour thought until the last detail, you’ll need place cards.

Wrap with Love

Christmas decor also includes gift wrapping! Although Suspiro Jewels are sent ready for gift-giving, there are many other gifts that don’t. Or maybe, have a presentation which doesn’t amuse you!

Take some time to put your love into the wrapping! Make it so memorable that the person stares at it before unwrapping! That’s magic!
On Suspiro Pinterest Christmas board you’ll find lots of inspiration to help you out! Ask the kids for help, it will be fun!
In this post, you’ll also find eco-friendly wrapping suggestions!

Do you have other decor suggestions?
Will you try any of these 5 Adorable Christmas Decor Ideas that Grab Smiles?
If you do, tell me how it went!

Free Download Christmas Tree Decor  - Suspiro Tree Decor
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