Christmas is coming and wrapping presents can be much fun, especially if you have kids around to help. Here at home, we like to make our packages and give them a personal touch. Recycling is our concept.
Today, I’m going to tell you how you can to make wonderful gift wraps that help the environment.


Let’s start with 3 ingredients for the wrapping:


The Wrapping

Old Newspapers

Old newspapers are a great idea for wrapping because you can use only the newspaper wrapping, to keep it simple.
You can also make strips of it to overlap all around with other papers or to make loops.

How to Make Wonderful Gift Wraps that Help the Environment - old newspapers

Papers You Saved from Last Year

With those papers, you kept in the drawer during the year you can;
Paint, draw, stamp, and write Christmas messages.
Create long strips of various sizes and cut out shapes such as Christmas tree, stars, reindeer, and pine cones.
These will be used for gluing and sticking out in the wrapping.


Cloth Scraps You No Longer Use

Fabric remains are impressive for small gifts wonderful gift wraps! Wrap the gift with the fabric and make a knot with the tips, then add a personalized touch to the loop.

How to Make Wonderful Gift Wraps that Help the Environment - cloth scraps

After wrapping up with your recycled papers, the finishing touches are missing: The label for who is the gift and the bow!
Add your personal touch!


The Bow

The bow can be made of the same materials you wrapped it in, and you can enhance it if you use different colors.
If you have a garden, grab cypress, pine or eucalyptus to put in it.
Look for any twine you have at home, and you can go around the gift.
Do you have oranges? Peel them and use the cookies shapes to cut into the shape you want. Let it dry and it will look fantastic in the ties too!

How to Make Wonderful Gift Wraps that Help the Environment

The Lable

Finally, the label! It must be in sight!
You can pick up thicker pieces of paper and cut out any shapes you want and hand-write the name. Drill a hole, and attach it to the loop.

These ways you’ll make wonderful gift wraps by reusing what you have at home and reducing waste and helping the environment.


Did you enjoy these tips?
What do you do to help the environment this season?
Tell me in the comments!


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Written by: Cristina Pereira
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