This is the month in which, normally, we are more happy and nostalgic, we breathe love and harmony… the Christmas spirit can be really transformative, for those who decide to live it. To help you with that I share 3 tips for true giving so that way we can live our truth this Christmas.

Despite having a business and enjoying to support other artists, I try to make conscious choices, give with intention and avoid unbridled consumerism… looking at each one’s individuality is important and also stop being ashamed for not giving anything.


Adults Gifts

Instead of being busy with gifts for the whole family, how about just giving to one person something that really goes with her personality and personal taste?
It’s better to give to one person, with real intention than giving to too many just to “look good in the picture”.

Do you know the “secret friend”? This technique is already used at company dinners, probably you already do it… how about doing the same with your family?
This year we also adopted it. Among all of us, we made a draw and each person will just have to “worry” only with one family member.
You can do the same between your friends!

Children Gifts

We have many children in our family, and often they receive gifts that they don’t care, don’t like, or even are repeated since they receive so many gifts from the whole family.
This year we decided to get all together and buy what each child really wants to receive. This way they’ll be happy to receive what they want and although the adults will spend less than before and also will have the task made easy for them.


Gifts with Intention

Giving to your mother or to your best friend can be easy. But, what if you don’t know the person’s tastes!?
It happens! Think of a family member you love but unfortunately don’t have much connection, friend wich tastes change frequently, someone you want to give a “thank you” gift, like a teacher, but don’t know what she likes…

In this case, small things become great when done with love!
Grab your best cookies recipe, take the kids to the kitchen and spend an afternoon baking Christmas cookies, put them in a jar you’ve set aside to reuse, and decorate as you wish.
It may seem simple, but giving something you made yourself is a great tip for true giving, the person will notice the time and love that was put into that gift!

Did you notice that with these 3 tips for true giving you will save time, money and help the environment? Since you won’t produce so much waste from wrapping!

Tell me, do you already follow these tips?

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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