Christmas is just around the corner and we are already preparing to have a Christmas table full of good food, good company and good mood. This is the time when you have a tendency to “accept all” when it comes to food. But some attention has to be taken so we can enjoy this time of year in a balanced way, taking advantage of what really matters. That’s why I bring you some tips so you can learn how to have a balanced Christmas diet!


Drink plenty of water during December 24th and 25th

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body. It gives the body the opportunity to prepare and recover for heavier meals and even helps to detoxify.

Make sure you always have some healthy food on the Christmas table

For example, make healthy entrances. You can prepare whole toasts with avocado paste and smoked salmon.

Add vegetables to your plate for Christmas meal

You can have soup before the main plate, add a nice salad or bake some vegetables. Whatever option you choose will be right and you will see that it will make a difference.

Make a peppermint tea to go with the desserts

Peppermint aids digestion, so it can be a good ally at the end of heavier meals, as well as hydrating your body!

Take a long walk on the 25th morning

Taking a walk in the morning will help your body digest the previous meal and still kill some calories

Remember to be with the people you really like and make Christmas a time of love and sharing. Enjoy eating those things you don’t normally eat during the year with balance and always keep in mind that what matters is having a pleasant time. Help and support your body (and your family) by adding healthier options and have a full Christmas!

How to Have a Balanced Christmas Diet that Grants Your Health Being


What do you do to have a Balanced Christmas Diet?



Written by: Rita Santos
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