Valentine’s Day is almost here! In Portugal and in many other countries on February 14, many couples celebrate love.

I’m an apologist that romanticism and the gifts and affection exchanges should be maintained throughout the year, and if it is on a date that has meaning for the couple, much better!

But, I also know that with a busy life sometimes it’s truly necessary to have a date marked on the calendar that forces the couple to stop, feel and love!
And the truth is that a date everyone talks about is easier to remember, right!?

Now the big question is, do you want a
date night or night for dating?

Because it isn’t quite the same thing, you know!?
In the first one, you go out and do something together, in the second one… oh boy! You can even not go anywhere, but you do something truly special together that strengthens your bonds and renew your values as a couple!

Valentine's Day - Date Night or Night for Dating? Do something truly special together that strengthens your bonds and renew your values as a couple


Where to Date?

If you want to make something really special, avoid places where everyone will be!
Go to someplace special for both of you, where your relationship began, where you two met, or even a place where something really special happened to you… it can even be at your home!


How to Date?

If you already planned to go to a place that will be full of couples, be sure to plan something personal, intimate and deep to do together that isn’t about making love, after all this is already expected!

In this season the demand for romantic gifts increases, be sure that you offer or you complement your gift with something different, something that awakens senses and emotions!

When you’ll have to get ready, think about what your lover likes, on this day dress to surprise and please your lover!

Will you stay at home? How about dining in a different room than usual and serving the meal in lingerie!?

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When to Date?

Preferably on February 14th!
Can you take the day off for dating? Perfect!
If you can’t be together at night, don’t be sad the day can also be romantic!

Will you only be together in the morning? Make sure you have a super romantic breakfast. How about serving it in bed after waking up your lover with kisses?

If you’ll be together only at lunchtime, how about a romantic picnic in the park or on the beach?

You’ll be together at night, but can’t find someone to keep the children?
Hold on until they fall asleep and celebrate later! Passionately!

You can’t be together that day?
As I said before, romanticism and the exchange of affection and gifts should be maintained throughout the year, so make sure you keep your creativity on and reinvent these tips all year round to keep the flame going on!


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What tips can you share?
I’ll be pleased to hear from you in the comments!


Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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