These days I came across a text on the internet that said something like “Not everyone has a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, practice Self Love and treat yourself.”

I wondered if that’s how people really think!

Do you only care about yourself when you have no one else to care about?

If so, I have news for you!

You really need to make self-esteem your priority! Why?

Because, how you treat yourself is how others will treat you! Not mention that, if you’re not well with yourself, you won’t be very well to share your love with others and your relationships won’t have a healthy life.


Know Why You Need to Make Self-Esteem Your Priority! Self-care is not selfish, it's the way you can give your best to others


When Should You Make Yourself a Priority?

Well, always! I’m not telling you to only think of you selfishly because you also have to pay attention to the people you care about.

However, it’s common to say yes to everything to please others, and then frustration arises because you are living others’ life, not yours!

Just remember that self-care is not selfish, it’s the way you can give your best to others, so start to analyze your values, tastes, time and priorities.
Then act according to them and say NO more times!


What to Do to Care for Yourself?

Caring yourself is very important, make sure you make it a routine!
Pay attention, that some enjoyments should be in the caring routine but not be a routine! Otherwise, they can cause you guilt and bad feelings!

Like, if you pamper yourself with your favorite cake every day, in addition, to stop being a special moment, you’ll feel bad when you look at the scale, right!?

Need ideas on how to pamper yourself?

Check this list of 25 Things You Can do For Yourself

They are simple things like, read a book, buy a jewel, listen to music or leave love notes for yourself.

I also encourage you to have a beautiful notebook to write at the end of each day:

– 3 positive things that happened to you or inspired you
– 1 thing you enjoyed doing
– 1 personal, physical or mental characteristic you like about yourself that day

Even if you think the day went wrong, try hard to see the good in life!
This action will help you to value yourself, your day and your life more. You’ll sleep with good memories and set a good mood for the next day!


Know Why You Need to Make Self-Esteem Your Priority! Treating of yourself is totally related to how you'll be with and to others


How to Avoid Feeling Guilt?

Unfortunately, it’s normal to feel guilty when you are putting yourself above others. As women, we are educated from an early age to be caregivers and not to take care of ourselves.

Every time you feel that guilt coming remember that treating yourself is totally related to how you’ll be with and to others!

If someone comments anything, you know people, they always have something to say! Just tell:

 “Since I started to care for myself, the relationships with myself and with others improved a lot, you should try! It’s great!”


40 Love Notes - Free Printable


Does this make sense to you?
What do you do to make self-esteem your priority?


Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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