Whether, shopping in the comfort of your home or for you being able to buy from stores that you would otherwise hardly have access to, buying online has many benefits!
Still, there are those who are reluctant to do so. Especially when it comes to clothing and jewelry. For buying the last one that it helps you to know what’s your face shape is!


Does the fact that you can’t try on, inhibits you from buying jewelry online?

There are always some tips that, although not being a rule, can help you.
Knowing what looks best on your skin tone and what is your face shape. These can help a lot when buying jewelry!

Many stores, such as Suspiro Jewels, have sizes charts to give better guidance!

When buying earrings, the situation may seem more complicated. With so many shapes of earrings and faces, knowing which one looks good in which can be like playing the naval battle.

The good news is that you don’t have to despair! Suspiro has this chart to help you!


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Now all that’s left is to know your face type, right?

Since there are similar face shapes and it can seem more difficult to figure out what your face type is!
There is an easy way and I’m going to show you how!

How to Find What’s Your Face Shape

Hold your hair up, stand in front of the mirror with your head right and still. With the marker draw the outline of your face in the mirror. Then just compare it with the chart above!
Easy, right?

The second way, if you find it difficult to keep your head still while you draw. Take a selfie and with your phone’s photo editor draw the outline too!

Before this, I thought I’d have a Round or Oval face shape, after this I found that it’s actually Oblong!
Can you see the differences between my Oblong face and Sweety Ana Oval face?



This tip not only is helpful while shopping for jewelry but also for glasses or putting on makeup!

Try it and tell me below what’s your face shape!


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