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I am Cláudia Lopes, I was born in 1978 in the city of Tomar (Portugal), I am married and the mother of a beautiful boy. At 18 I moved to Portalegre where I built my life.
Like all women, when I was a child I dreamed of getting married, having children and being happy forever… Well, that’s not what happened.
And why do I tell you this?
In reality, my girl’s dream came true. I got married, at 27 I had a son, but at 32 I was already separated. I thought that marriages were easy to maintain and that, as I had made my commitment to the church, that marriage would last a lifetime.
Well, I thought badly … It turns out that both, man and woman need to nurture relationships, in order to be harmony and love. It turns out that I forgot to take care of my part, to nurture love. I know today that I repeated my parents’ patterns, I know that the responsibility was 80% on my side.
And over the years I hid my feminine part, I neglected my appearance a little, I stopped being available to listen, to give, to love and when I started to see sex as an obligation and not as a pleasure to relationship dethroned itself.

It also failed what I had defined as LOVE FOR LIFE.

When I started dating again (my current husband) everything flowed, everything was roses. After we got married, after a while the relationship started to get colder and there were demands on both sides, the words were getting colder and the physical contact started to be less. The disagreement was in sight. Then I realized that I was starting to get into the same pattern. I turned to myself and said:

Cláudia, stay tunned because otherwise, you will have another divorce.

At that moment I thought, I will not let it drag because if I do that I already know where it will end. To think that things will be better tomorrow is a big mistake because tomorrow does not exist…. Yes, there is TODAY.

So I sat down to talk to my husband to understand, together, what was not working. Then I realized that I was hiding from sensuality and again from sex, I was already running away (just like the 1st wedding pattern). I clearly realized that the block was in the 1st and 2nd chakras … it was urgent to unblock.

Our conversation was the honey balm that was missing for us to understand each other. I quickly realized that sensuality is the fastest art to accelerate happiness and security in marriage. Sensuality is linked to the senses, to charm, to seduction, to conquest, to communication, to daily dating… If sex is important? Of course YES, it is super important and should always be fed. Marriage lives on a set of everything in close connection with the heart.

Today we live a happy and safe marriage that is based on trust, love, respect and friendship.

Today I know what behaviors to avoid and how to keep the flame of love always burning. It is on this basis that my mission is to help conscientious women to rescue their marriage and to empower their sensuality to finally create happy and safe marriages.


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