Staying positive during hard times can be mentally exhausting. I remember a few years back, I was conversing with some coworkers. One was a temp worker who only filled shifts once in a while. One starkly clear thing was that this woman was perpetually peppy. Almost too peppy! While we were all chatting, another coworker turned to her and said, “how are you so darn positive all the time?” Her response has stuck with me to this day, “I have no choice, the alternative would be devastating for my family. I choose happiness.” And then she went on her way, back to work. 

That changed my perspective indefinitely. I don’t know what kind of hardships she was facing, and quite frankly it was none of my business but, one thing I do know is that she was a strong woman. The look in her eyes and the strength of her body language completely caught me off guard. She chose to stay positive during the hard times in her life. Whether she realized it or not, she gave me inspiration to always choose happiness. So when life throws you a curveball, here are some ways that you too, can choose staying positive. 

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See the Silver Lining 

Every single situation, no matter how bleak, has some sort of silver lining. When facing a hardship try and step outside of the box and look at the big picture. Look at it from all angles and you will be sure to find some sliver of a positive. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes those positives only show a glimmer of themselves. But if you can search and find that one little nugget, it will give you hope and can alter the way you see the entire big picture for the better. 


Be Thankful for the Blessings You Have

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good when consumed by the bad, but it is crucial for your mental health. Being thankful for your blessings can alter your entire outlook and create a new foundation of happy thoughts, and positive energy creates more positive results. This one change can overhaul your entire mood.  


Don’t Overthink It

Sometimes it’s just better to take a break and walk away. If you allow yourself to be consumed with thoughts of hardship it will fill your whole cup with negativity. Especially in the light of current events it’s ok to turn off the negativity on the TV or stay away from negative pulls on social media. Try reading a book with a positive message, stepping outside for some fresh air, or even laying down to take a breather. Your body and soul will thank you for it. 


Express Your Feelings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, express yourself! Find someone you trust and feel comfortable talking to and let it all out! Letting negativity brew will just allow it to build and eventually overflow. And that is definitely not a route you want to go. 


Look Towards the Future

Keep looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. If you focus on that, you’ll be looking past the negative and it won’t be as bothersome. At that point, you won’t even realize or care that it’s there and will only see the positive that is coming towards you. 



Deep breaths my friend. Take time to clear your mind or even meditate. Breathing can calm your soul. It allows you to think more clearly and rid yourself of negativity. There are so many videos online with a guided meditation that can open up your mind to positive thoughts. Go ahead and give them a try! 

Staying Positive During Hard Times

Life can get tough sometimes, but we have the power to overcome it. I hope these tips can help you keep a more positive outlook during the hard times, and don’t forget friends, to always choose happiness. 


Written by: Shayna Cardwell
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