From year to year, online shopping goes up further and the trend is to continue to rise.

Buying online has many advantages and buying jewelry online is a wonderful idea, since you no longer have to wait to travel to get it. You can even buy from small artists that haven’t got a street shop!

Either from a computer or cell phone, when you buy jewelry online you have the world of jewelry in your hand.

So, you found a jewel that makes you sigh! But, do you know how to buy jewelry online safely!?

To ensure that everything goes smoothly in the transaction and that you buy the right jewels, there are some things you must pay attention to before buying.


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What do you need to know about the online store?


If it’s your first-time buying online at that shop and even if it’s a well-known shop there are some info you need to know!

Secure Version – Check if the store’s URL bar has the icon of a closed lock.

Credibility – See if the brand is present on more platforms and social networks.

Site Structure – Does it have a good structure and can you switch between pages safely?

Store Policies – Know all the store’s privacy policies, delivery times, exchange and/or return periods, guarantees, etc.

Payment types – See if available payment types are viable.

Reviews – The majority of customers don’t leave reviews. However, you can always take a look at customer reviews, especially on the item you want to buy.

FAQ – Confirm if the website has a frequently answered questions page to answer any questions you may have.

Contact – Confirm if it’s easy to contact customer support to be able to ask questions.


Now you know everything about the store and have confidence in buying. It’s time to put the items in the cart, yes?  No!

When buying online, you must have some procedures to ensure that you make good purchases!
Although you can exchange items, often sending them back isn’t worth it and you lose money if you end up not using them.


What should you know about the jewel before buying online?


Condition Reports – Read on all items descriptions, to be sure of what you are going to receive. Don’t be guided only by the pictures!

Images – Most of the time the item in the photo isn’t the item you’ll actually get.
Nevertheless, confirm that the items have several photos available. This is important so that you can see the jewels from various angles, see it on a comparison scale and the piece in use.

Materials Used – If you are allergic, ensure that the metals used in the jewels are nickel and lead-free.
If they are plated jewels, check if the warranty covers replacing the plate when it comes out.
In case of fine jewelry check for material certifications.

Care to Take – As a rule, the guarantees don’t cover misuse of the products. Be sure you know how to take care of your jewels. Check if the store teaches you. If it doesn’t, ask!

buy-jewelry-online-safely #onlineshopping #onlineshop #buyonline #buyjewelry #handmadejewelry #suspirojewels


Although it isn’t mandatory, you can take a few more steps to avoid unnecessary exchanges!


 What should you know about you?


Size – Confirm the size of the jewel and check how it will fit on you, don’t just guide yourself by the photos.

Weight – Confirm the weight of the jewels. In the case of earrings or necklaces, you may not be able to take its weight.

Face Shape – In the case of earrings, it’s important to know which model best suits your face shape.

Skin Tone – Some jewels look better on some skin tones than others, you can also choose jewelry according to your skin tone


It seems like a lot to confirm, right?
If you don’t buy always from the same sites, it’s better to learn this so you can buy jewelry online safely.
In the meantime it becomes natural and you’ll know what to watch out for.
If you regularly buy from the same brands and already trust them, just check the privacy policies and shipping times, from time to time.


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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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