I’ve seated on my computer to write the Happiness Notes from July and just realized how they are important.
I’ve seat and thought, “hmmm last month nothing happened! What will I write about?” and then took a moment to analyze my past month and there where the small things that impacted my life, I was missing them already!

Have you ever thought this way, as nothing happens in your life?
Sometimes are the little things that matter!


Annual Picnic

I live far from my parents, about 150km away. Depending on the country you live it can be considered close, but in our Portuguese reality, it is considered far!
I don’t visit them so often, so a few years ago we established that during the summer we would have a picnic somewhere halfway!
It has been working very well, because in the area there are several picnic parks, and every year we have tried a different one! Although we already have two favorites.


Cinderella Giveaway

I wanted to make a giveaway this year that was different from all the ones I had done before on this date.
Launched at the end of July, the Cinderella Giveaway is an international online event, extends until September 15, 2020, and it’s amazing!!!

In addition to Suspiro Jewels jewelry, it also includes make-up, self-care set and an online style diagnostic session!
All worth 500€ (+ $500)!
I’ve talked about it in the previous blog post.



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Drink Water

I think we all know the importance of drinking water, right?
Can you manage well to drink it?
Well, I may say I’ve tried almost everything already, reminders, cell phone apps, having several water bottles on strategic places – at all my workbenches in my studio, on my office desk, on the bedside table, even taking the bottle everywhere!
But nothing worked, at first yes, but it felt like an obligation and we know that when we feel obliged to do something we don’t do it with pleasure and tend to stop doing it, right?
This July, I learned a super simple technique that is helping me a lot, maybe it’s early to celebrate, but I’ve been able to drink water consistently without feeling obliged and the truth is that, with this education, my body already starts asking for water what didn’t happen before.
The trick is, to start the day with 2 glasses of water while still fasting, and when you have to drink water, drink as much as you can, instead of a sip or two. How easy can it be!?


Meet Cristina

I like to ask real women to be Suspiro Jewels models. For the new upcoming Misaki collection, I asked Cristina to be my model.

Know the funny thing, when I invited her she asked me if she should temporarily dye her hair!
I said ‘of course not!’ Suspiro Jewels’ jewelry is for all women that want to live their individuality freely and enhance their beauty!
It was a fun day! We loved it!
Cristina already participated here on the blog, know more about her here!

Urban Rings


Time Saver

Well this made “booom” in my head!
As an entrepreneur I read a lot of information online, be it emails, books, courses, blog posts, etc.
But time doesn’t stretch and I can’t keep up with everything. But on one of these days I was reading a more extensive and intensive content, it gave me the click “what if?”… I tried it, it worked and I loved it!
Saves so much time!!!
It may not work on all online content, some don’t allow copy-paste!
Let’s go to the tip – copy the text you have to read, paste it into the google translator (translate it or not it is your option), and click on the bottom left sound symbol, and hear the text!
Wonderful, right?
Depending on the language it can be more fluid or more mechanized, but in any case, it saves a lot of time!


New Props

We often only see the product’s functionality for which they were manufactured, I love to recover material and give them a second life.
I recovered several tiles that will be used in future Suspiro’s jewelry photographs.
Have you seen these wonderful colors?

Maria Pendant



Do you practice meditation?
I noticed big differences from the moment I started doing it, but then I stopped because I thought those 10 minutes were important to work and I didn’t need to take breaks! Clearly, it was a mistake!
In July I included guided meditation on my morning routine to calm my mind and body after the workout, and also have a night guided meditation to fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

The winner of #Cinderellagiveaway will have access to the guided meditation as well as my morning routine and so much more info. All adaptable to her life, what else!

Written by: Andreia Ferreira
Check all her posts HERE