Oblong shaped faces have 3 new earrings in the store, to enhance their feature! Yay!
Like clothes, fashion accessories should also be carefully chosen to boost your figure. Jewels more properly earrings, make a big difference in your appearance!

Let’s know, the earrings that enhance oblong shaped faces, give color to your days, and fun to your wardrobe, shall we?
Actually, as you can see in the sizes chart, these stunning earrings will also enhance other shape faces types! Keep scrolling to know them!


PLUME Earrings

Plume earrings are an add-on to the Gaiety collection. A smaller and colorful version of the Calamus earrings!

They give a sense of calm, freedom, and relaxation.
As you know already, Suspiro Jewels are comfortable jewels. Made with lightweight materials and nickel and lead-free metals.
Plume earrings are available in 3 colors – Cream, Bordeaux, and Blue

With the exception of the triangular faces, it highlights the other face shape types, round and square ones must have attention!

3 New Earrings to Enhance Oblong Shaped Faces


PLUNGE Earrings

Do you love Fall and the warm colors it brings?
They are so cozy!
Do you know that the colors influence our state of mind!?
These earrings color are perfect to brighten the moods that tend to be more depressed in the cold season!

Plunge earrings bring that cozy style to your days and are perfect to enhance your face.
The Fall collection got more colorful with them!

Each earring has the print of real fall leaves, yet they still maintain its individuality with some differences from one to another. That’s a way to guarantee you a unique item for your unique YOU! Available in 4 colors – Cream, Yellow, Bordeaux, and Green

Thin shape faces even if oblong shaped faces, wear with caution, to avoid stretching the face too much! Attention to the small necks too!

3 New Earrings to Enhance Oblong Shaped Faces


IODA Earrings

Ioda earrings are a new model and can have an add-on functionality!

Casual, funny, modern earrings to use as a PASSIVE DIFFUSER for essential oils!!!
Yes! You read it!
Many women that use essential oils, claim for the lack of variety on passive jewelry since most look almost the same!

Now, you can wear Ioda earrings to add color and prettify your days and add scent to exhale and awaken your senses!

Suspiro Jewels makes jewels that help women connect with their self and share their personality with the world. This is the first passive diffuser jewel in the store, more to come!

You still don’t use essential oils?
That’s fine, Ioda earrings work perfectly as “normal” earrings and will naturally add fun to your days!

Available in 3 colors – Yellow, Green, and Blue
Rectangular and triangular shaped faces should wear them with caution!

3 New Earrings to Enhance Oblong Shaped Faces


Did you know?
The Suspiro Jewels community around the world chose the Cream color from Plume and Plunge earrings!
Join us in and make your contribution to the next creations!

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Written by: Andreia Ferreira
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