I started online entrepreneurship in 2012 with Suspiro Jewels. For 9 years I’ve been helping women to highlight their beauty and boost their confidence.

However, I have 18 years of experience working in the women’s fashion world!
During all these years I realized how much image strengthens the power of acceptance and confidence of a woman.
This often is the crux to be or not be accepted in the business world. Not to mention every other areas of a woman’s life.

I’m craving to help more and more women, because, during these 9 years of online presence, I’ve watched many female entrepreneurs, if not the vast majority, going through the challenges and fears of making a stand out for their business.
Society’s rules and expectations condition these women’s lives and lead them to a lack of confidence and self-worth. This deeply impacts their lives and their business.

That’s why about 6 years ago, I started helping and sharing my knowledge, privately, with other female entrepreneurs and got so passionate about helping women with their business management, digital presence, and other stages of their businesses!

I’m still Andreia Ferreira, and now I’ll bring much more to the feminine biz world. I have the mission to empower biz women that want to leverage their business in alignment with their Personal Brand.

I will help you bring Personal Brand Clarity to your life and biz!

Be more confident and organized in your business!

Here you will:
– Discover and elevate your personal and biz brand
– Use your voice and personal image to build a solid personal brand aligned with your biz
– Improve your business management
– Celebrate the biz woman in you

I look forward to working with you!