When you know you are missing something so small
that can give you the power to make you feel unique…
you know you came to the right place!


The Experience

I design and create jewelry with which you can express your personality with strength – it’s amazing to see how jewelry can give women a confidence boost and highlight their beauty.

I offer lightweight jewelry for you to have comfort all day long and focus on what really matters.

For me, your experience is as much important as the finished product.


The Giving

Suspiro Jewels are created for women that want to add their style a different and original touch.

Looking for a jewel that is the perfect gift for a loved one?
You came to the right place!

You’ll find a variety of modern jewelry inspired by nature, music, tiles, love… and much more!

Touching this emotional jewelry inspires you to bring out the beauty of giving. Is there a better feeling than seeing your loved ones happy and sighing!?


The Begining

I’ve been working with women for over 10 years and I’ve seen how jewelry has the power of transformation.

It was the year of 2012 and I decided that I wanted to change my life and create a change in other women’s lives.

Since then, Suspiro Jewels have been touching the lives of hundreds of women across the world (I name them Sweeties), who decided to stand out fearless and pursue their passions elegantly.


The Creator

I’m an art lover and self-thought jewelry designer and my superpower is to make women smile… and sigh!

Hi! I’m Andreia and I make your jewels!

I believe that a woman can express her personality without words and make a stand without fuss.

The presence of nature and music is important in my life and you’ll find it represented in my jewels.

What I love most working with polymer clay and hand-worked metal is how freely I can work with them and to see an idea turning into its shape. It’s magic!
You can say I make jewels, but I say I make Love!


More About Us

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