Handle with care – Although having some shock resistance, Suspiro Jewels should always be handled in the most delicate way possible, to avoid scratches or breaks. To avoid damage to some items, look for handling your jewelry by always holding it by the metal area.

Store flat – Although lightweight Suspiro jewels should be stored flat to prevent wires and chains from stretching.

Do not store jewelry overlapped – As much as possible store jewelry separately so that they cannot be damaged when in contact with one another.

Safely store jewelry in a box – Prolongs jewelry life, protecting it from moisture and direct light.

Clean jewelry with polishing cloth – It is advisable to clean with a polishing cloth, is enough to guarantee cleanliness and brilliance to Suspiro Jewels, especially the brass jewels, which are more likely to darken.

Avoid water/moisture – Prolonged contact with water/moisture may cause oxidation of some jewelry items.

Keep away from chemicals – Chemicals present in cleaning products, perfumes, make-up, chlorine, etc. are highly detrimental to jewelry.

Avoid sleeping with jewelry – During sleep, night sweats and unnecessary contact with the skin cause additional wear on jewelry, which should be avoided. Also during sleep, there are many unconscious movements which can cause damage to the jewelry.

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