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Press Kit

Andreia Ferreira

Andreia Ferreira is a self-taught polymer clay artist.
She worked for more than a decade in the jewelry trade, where she faced the challenge of offering women lightweight jewelry.

Concerned that women suffer in favor of beauty, as many have neck pains and earlobes torn due to wearing heavy jewelry, she began to study lightweight jewelry alternatives. She explored various techniques and materials and became fascinated by polymer clay. In this lightweight and versatile material found the ideal answer to the problem of so many women.

In 2012, she created Suspiro, in Coimbra, where she creates and executes her jewelry with inspiration in various themes, such as botany, music or even geometry.
Suspiro jewelry helps women feel feminine and comfortable, highlighting their inner beauty and giving them a boost of confidence.

New Collection

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GOLDEN TOUCH collection

GOLDEN TOUCH is a collection full of symbolism, honoring the strengthening of femininity.
They are jewels for the woman who loves herself and is proud of what she is and therefore wants to pamper herself to celebrate her small and great achievements in life.
The flowers that symbolize the femininity and the arabesques that symbolize the ideas (that take us forward) are highlighted with golden, the color of success. This collection has the perfect jewels to make all occasions special.

Worked from polymer clay, brass, crystals and faceted glass, this collection includes pieces in shades of gold, red, green and blue that not only meet the trends of the season but were chosen for their symbolism.
Red for energy and passion; Green for harmony and growth; Blue for care and trust (of ourselves).


Base Collections

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URBAN collection

Idealized for the modern woman who wants jewelry that will easily fit any style and wardrobe. Want to wear it on a daily basis, business meetings, special occasion and night outs.
The URBAN collection features jewels with simple minimalist lines, a modern and refined collection, whose colors follow the trends of other Suspiro collections, for easily match.
Designed to seduce, handcrafted from brass, glass beads, Swarovski® and Czech crystals.




You don’t have to be a musician to love music! How can anyone live without it?
It is a great companion while stuck in traffic, time goes by faster while at work or even keeping the energy in the fitness hours!
It has the power to empower and soothe anxieties, perfect for celebrations and to remind of those special days holded close to the heart.
The OLD MUSIC SHEETS collection inspires with a selection of jewelry inspired by music, which will stand out without having to increase the volume.
Made by Andreia with polymer ceramic, stainless steel, satin and varnish, these jewels are lightweight and very comfortable.
Ready to be inspired?


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Past Events

» Torres Market – Torres Vedras [out]
» Torres Market – Torres Vedras [dez]

» Mercado de natal Coimbra a Criar – Coimbra [dez]
» Tea Fashion Time – Lisboa [out]
» FAU – Feira de Artesanato Urbano – Coimbra [jun, jul, ago, set, nov, dez]
» MAC – Mercado Artes no Canal – Aveiro [jul]
» Mercado no Café – Coimbra [abr, jun, jul]
» Lovely Market – Alcobaça [jun]
» Lovely Market – Figueira da Foz [abr]
» Mercado da Porta Aberta – Braga [jan]

» Braga Christmas Market – Braga [dez]
» Mercadinho Português – Aveiro [mar, set, dez]
» Guimarães Market – Guimarães [abr, dez]
» FAU – Feira de Artesanato Urbano – Coimbra [mar, mai, ago, dez]
» MercadÓ – Óbidos [jun, dez]
» Mercadinho de Torres – Torres Vedras [nov]
» Happy Market – Viseu [out]
» Lisboa Design Show 2016 – Lisboa [out]
» Festival POeiras  –  Artistas no Bairro – Oeiras [set]
» Verão é no CAE 2016 – Figueira da Foz [ago]
» Feira Aveiro Ovos Moles – Aveiro  [jul]
» Mercado no Café – Coimbra [mai]
» Atitudo – Lisboa [mar]
» Figueira Family Market 2016 – Figueira da Foz [mar]
» Hype Market Lx – Lisboa [jan]
» Mercado do Bom Sucesso – Porto [jan]
» Guimarães Market – Guimarães [dez]
» Mercado Natal – Atelier Manuela Bento – Coimbra [dez]
» MercadÓ – Óbidos [dez]
» Mercadinho Português – Aveiro [nov, dez]
» Mercado da Alegria – Porto [set, nov]
» Mercado do Bom Sucesso – Porto [set, dez]
» Pink Market – Porto [ago]
» Verão é no CAE – Figueira da Foz [ago]
» Art Boutique & Gallery – Aveiro [mai, jul, nov]
» Feira da Lua – Batalha [mai]
» Mercado no Café – Coimbra [mai]

   » Verão é no CAE – Figueria da          Foz [ago]

   » Artistas no Bairro – Carcavelos      [mai]
» Mercado no café – Coimbra            [mar]


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andreia ferreira

Product Photos

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Crystals Fringe Ear Jacket Buttercups Bliss Earrings – Golden Touch collection

Sunny Glee Necklace - GTSunny Glee Necklace – Golden Touch collection

Tokio Ring - Urban collectionTokio Ring – Urban collection

Cadenza earrings - OM

Cadenza Earrings – Old Music Sheets collection

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