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Jewelry Cleaning Cloth, Dirt Remove Small Polishing Pads


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You’re ready for a dinner with friends, all dressed up, makeup and perfum on in fact you just need that final touch. You go to your jewelry box without delay and find that your perfect fit earrings are dull and stained. Looks familiar?

Maybe you know some household jewelry care tips but you are running out of time. And now?
You don’t need to pick up other fashion accessory or change your clothes because you’ve got this Jewelry Cleaning Cloth!

This small polishing pads not only are perfect for cleaning your loved jewelry that also are the perfect size to carry in your handbag.

You’re out of time but you can still clean your earrings in the car because this Jewelry Cleaning Cloth is impregnated with special cleaning agents that remove tarnish from silver, gold, brass, copper and all other metal jewelry.

Using this Jewelry Cleaning Cloth you will help to keep your items clean and bright and at the same time, your jewelry will have a longer life.
See in the last picture an example of before and after cleaning.


~15 x 19cm | 5,91 x 7,48in

– Rub the Jewelry Cleaning Cloth gently on your jewelry, for difficult stains you can try to moisten a corner of the cloth and rub it gently, do not abuse on the water so you’ll remove the cleaning agents.
– Cleaning chains, in this case simply hold the chain by the clasp and run it gently through the pad.
– Do not use it in any other type of jewelry than metal, not suitable for direct contact with pearl, coral, ivory, opal, gems and porous gemstones.
– Use it with attention to plated jewelry, always test on a less visible area, before cleaning it completely, to make sure the plate will not come out.
– In order to keep this tips nearby you the cleaning cloth comes in a sealed bag with instructions in English (or Portuguese for Portuguese customers).

Do NOT wash it because you’ll remove the cleaning agents! It will became dirty but will carry on working. The more you use it the better it cleans, you can keep using it until almost black!

*** Some tips to endure your jewelry live
– Keep your jewelery in a box, out of direct sunlight
– Prevent tarnishing by adding chalk or sílica on your jewelery box
– Avoid contact with water, perfumes, cream, beauty and cleaning products.
– Clean your jewelry occasionally with a proper cleaning cloth

*** Please read my shop policies before buying this Jewelry Cleaning Cloth


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