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Two color round earrings


Whirl Earrings

Materials Used: Polymer Clay, Stainless Steel (nickel and lead-free)
Dimensions: Total height ~ 6cm | 2.36in




These could be simple two-color round earrings, and they actually are… with a touch of modernity to make them stand out from plain circle earrings.

Yes, you can play with colors in your look and still have a refined presence!
Every color option has two tones, some more catchy others more formal, and still, all elegant and sophisticated.

As you know colors have meanings, and you can use them to share your message, values, and purpose. If you are a brand owner you may want to blend your personal image with your brand’s branding, and jewels are great for it. That’s why these dangle circle earrings have two options of pink and blue, so you can adapt them to your personality and brand.

They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear all year round, these circle earrings’ colors match easily with summer, winter, business, or weekend outfits.


Some color meanings:
Blue represents both the sky and the sea and represents meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, confidence…

Pink stands for femininity, youth, good health, playfulness…

Black conjures elegance, sophistication, prestige, formality…

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 6 cm

Pink, Blue, Grey/Black, Grey/Blue, Grey/Pink


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