Joyalty Reward Program

Collect points, reach the levels and receive
Joy Vouchers to spend on your next purchases


Earn Joy Points and Save Up to 50€!

By purchasing at Suspiro Jewels online shop, you’ll be automatically added to Joyalty Reward Program.
You are free to renounce the Joyalty Reward Program at any time.
If you purchase again after leaving the program, you’ll be automatically added again, with the possibility of renouncing to it.
When you come back to the Joyalty Reward Program you won’t recover lost Joy Points.

Joy LevelJoy Points Reward
STEEL15010 €
BRASS25015 €
COPPER50025 €
SILVER100050 €

I have many ways of rewarding your loyalty:

– Each 2€ spent on Online Orders = 1 Joy Point
– Product Review = 3 Joy Points
– Recommend Suspiro = 10 Joy Points
– Social Media Sharing = 2 Joy Points
– Each 2€ spent Shopping at Events = 2 Joy Points
– Birthday = 15% OFF

Check below for detailed info!

Online Ordering

2€ =  1 JOY POINT

On every purchase you make at Suspiro Online Shop you will collect 1 Joy Point for every 2€ spent, except shipping fees!
Any orders placed at other Suspiro Jewels online channels or partners/representatives will not count for the Joyalty Program.

When you buy items with discount, the value paid after discounts made will serve to collect Joy Points.

Your Reviews Count!

1 Product Review = 3 JOY POINTS

Every time you give a review on a product you bought, you’ll collect 3 Joy Points. You can tell me what you like and don’t like and you’ll always collect the Joy Points! So, tell the truth!

Only valid one review per product, unless you buy the same item later and want to add a new review!

Share Free 5€ With Friends

Share 5€ with Friends = 10 JOY POINTS

Do you have friends who may love Suspiro Jewels?
Now and then, I invite you to mail them a 5€ Joy Coupon Code.
Once your friends use their coupon code, you’ll collect 10 Joy Points to your Joyalty Program account, bringing you closer to earning a Joy Voucher.

IMPORTANT! Given their free nature, the 5€ Joy Coupon Codes come with two conditions:
– Only valid for orders above 40€ made at
– The 5€ Joy Coupon Codes work only for new customers

Joy Coupon Codes have no usage deadline!

Social Sharing

Share on Social Media = 4 JOY POINTS

I love when my Sweeties share their love for Suspiro Jewels on social media, and I’m happy to reward you with points for doing so.

– Post on social media you wearing the jewels you bought from Suspiro Jewels to collect 4 Joy Points

IMPORTANT: This action can be taken once per day, but be careful!
The ability to earn Joy Points is directly related to your Suspiro orders, meaning if you haven’t bought the items you share, you won’t collect points! Unless, you got it as a gift or bought off Suspiro’s site and made a purchase up to 3 months before the date of that social share, on Suspiro Jewels shop.

VERY IMPORTANT! Remember to tag Suspiro Jewels (so I can track it) and use #lovesuspirojewels! Do make your social profiles public!

Meet Me Live

Events 2€ = 2 JOY POINTS

If you are already an online customer, I invite you to take a trip to one of my Live Events locations!
That day you’ll be able to get double points, meaning, on each 2€ spent you’ll get 2 Joy Points


Birthday Month = 15% OFF + SURPRISE

Suspiro celebrates with you, by offering you a 15% discount for your birthday!
The 15% Birthday Joy Discount can be used only once, on the total receipt value, during your birth month.

NOTE: This exclusive Birthday Joy Discount is honored only where a birth date has been correctly entered by the registered subscriber in her profile, after receiving the registration email.
IMPORTANT: This Birthday Joy Discount will not accumulate with On SALE items nor any other coupons you may have available to use unless you have a Gift Card to discount! The Gift Card is considered as a payment method.
Any amount paid after the coupon being deducted serves to collect Joy Points.

Do you like SURPRISES?
If in the latest 12 months, prior to your birthday month, you have spent 250€ at Suspiro Jewels shop (excluding shipping fees), you’ll get a SURPRISE at your mailbox!
Pay attention to that!

Redeeming Joyalty Points

Once you reach the STEEL Level (150 Joy Points), you’ll get a 10 € Joy Voucher reward!
Redeem it in the “Coupon Code” section at Checkout. Once you do so, the discount will be applied to your order.
You can use the Joy Voucher when you want, however, if you reach the BRASS Level (250 Joy Points) in the meantime, you’ll get a new 15€ Joy Voucher and the prior one will be invalid to use. The same rule applies to the following Joy Points Levels – COPPER and SILVER.

IMPORTANT: Joy Vouchers’ value needs to be redeemed all at once in one order. Joy Vouchers will not accumulate with On SALE items nor any other coupons you may have available to use unless you have a Gift Card to discount! – The Gift Card is considered a payment method.
Any amount paid after the Joy Voucher being deducted serves to collect Joy Points.

Forgot To Redeem Points?

Once the checkout process is complete, unfortunately, I can’t rewind the operation. However, your Joy Voucher will remain valid and may be used anytime in the future until you reach the next Joy Points level or 31 December of the running year.

Expiration Date

Joy Points can be collected from 01 January to 31 December of each running year.
On 01 January the new following year, collected Joy Points will be reset.

Joy Vouchers can be used until 31 January of the new following year, after that date, Joy Vouchers will be invalid to use.

Note: The maximum allowed amount to collect in your Joyalty Reward Program account is 1000 Joy Points! Once you get to the SILVER Level (1000 Points = 50€) you won’t be able to collect more Joy Points before you use the Joy Voucher with the available amount.


Occasionally there may be opportunities for you to earn extra Joy Points, these will be communicated via email through the Joyalty Reward Program.

Last Review- 01 January 2020